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Meet the Principal

Every parent wants to find a school where their child will receive the very best education, a school where their child will develop strong faith and good character, a school where their child will be loved and respected, and a school that their child is proud to attend. 

My prayer is that this College will be that for every one of our students every day. St Philip's was born out of a passion to provide education that is life changing. Life changing education deals not just with the mind and the body but it also acknowledges the spiritual aspect of our being and that this too needs to be nurtured and developed. You will find that in a school like ours we do not just give lip-service to the Christian faith but we are intent on encouraging our students to seek and to question so that their faith becomes real and personal and not second hand.

Our school provides an environment where respect and excellence are encouraged along with a desire to see students enjoying the learning process and school life.

This website gives a glimpse of what a St Philip's education has to offer and I invite you to come and visit us to learn more.

Yours in His service,

Pam O'Dea