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The St Philip's group of colleges consists of a growing number of co-educational Kindergarten to Year 12 colleges located across Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, and the Central Coast. While each college has its unique characteristics, they share a consistent learning journey for every student.

An advantage of attending St Philip's Christian College is the additional opportunities and benefits that come with being part of a broader group of schools. Students have access to cross-campus courses, camps, workshops, leadership programs, and networking opportunities. These experiences broaden their learning and development throughout their schooling journey.

Our colleges are known for their distinctive innovations in pedagogy and learning environments, as well as evidence-based educational practices. We empower students to learn in a way that suits their individual learning styles and encourage them to explore various learning opportunities that lead to success in all areas of education.

Each St Philip's college provides opportunities for students to excel in various aspects of their lives. This includes academic excellence, information technology, iSTEM (integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), music, creative and performing arts, sports, and vocational education.

The colleges aim to open pathways for students across these areas.

Nurture in the Christian faith is considered essential for students to develop strong values, purpose, and integrity. The colleges emphasise the importance of a holistic education that includes spiritual growth alongside academic and personal development.

Together we aim to develop global citizens who not only receive a superior education, but also have a deep understanding of the world around them. Students are encouraged to engage with their physical, social, cultural, academic, and spiritual environments throughout their schooling journey.

We strive to provide an exceptional educational experience that combines academic excellence, personal development, and a strong foundation in Christian faith.