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Securing the Future

The opportunities for success at St Philip's Christian College are outstanding and students are encouraged to achieve excellence and strive to fulfil their potential.

The vision of the Senior School is to "secure the future" by Deepening Learning, Developing Leaders and Discipling Lives. 

The Senior School Team is dedicated to the emotional, social, academic, spiritual and creative development of each student.

The St Philip’s Christian College Senior School is a dynamic environment of learning, where students in Years 9-12 are equipped and inspired to reach their God given potential, both now and into the future.

Students in the Senior School have the distinct advantage of access to a wide range of specialist staff and facilities.

The Senior School community works together to cultivate a culture of high academic rigour and challenge, with a value for every student achieving their ‘personal best’.

As students progress, opportunities to tailor learning towards their future goals become possible in a dynamic young adult learning environment.

Positive engagement between staff and students is a distinctive of the Senior School.

The nurture and support of a strong student wellbeing structure ensures that each student has the opportunity to develop faith, values and character to not only succeed in school, but excel in life, whatever higher education or vocational path they may choose beyond school.