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Central Office

In the heart of St Philip's Christian College lies our Central Office. It's more than just an administrative centre; it's the core that breathes life into our network of Colleges, Centres, and Initiatives.

The Central Office exists to support our learning communities with resources and professional services. It's a base which brings together both staff and business, providing leadership guidance, educational consultation, professional development, collaborative opportunities for staff, and a myriad of services ranging from human resources to finance, from building services to risk management, information and communication technology to marketing communications.

But it's not just about services; it's about a belief. A belief that every action, every decision made here, serves a higher purpose.

We don't just educate; we pave the way for whole life education. 

Our mission is clear: to embody the Mission, Vision, and Values set forth by the Board of Directors. The Central Office leads the development and implementation of governance policies, ensuring they are not just upheld but embraced. We lead and support the organisation's operations, delivering executive leadership and centralised services that bind together our diverse business units.

The heartbeat of SPCC resonates within the walls of the Central Office. It beats for the community—a community we tirelessly strive to uplift through the best possible educational journey.