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Meet our Team

St Philip's Christian Education Foundation Board of Directors

The first St Philip’s Christian College was founded at Waratah in 1982 with 25 students and two teachers. St Philip's Christian Education Foundation Ltd (SPCEF) was established in 1985 to own and operate this school and as it happened future schools in the St Philip’s group.

SPCEF Founding Board of Directors in 1982

Currently, there are over 5000 students in ten schools and campuses, six early learning centres, plus a teacher training school. The group has a growth strategy that involves increasing enrolments in our existing schools and the development of new schools.

The St Philip’s Christian Education Foundation Board of Directors meets together eight times a year to develop the strategy and parameters in which our College works. Each member of our Board is committed to good governance in each matter set to them and understands the weight of the role that they play. Every aspect of the overarching direction of our school is deliberated with wisdom and prayerful consideration. 

Our Board has been responsible for the creation of what our College looks like today. The breakdown of our sub-schools, the addition of our early learning program, the building development program, our financial plan and ongoing expenditure is all outworked in our board meetings.

St Philip's Christian Education Foundation Board of Directors

  • Les Holland - Chairman of the Board
  • Graeme Irwin AM - Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr Robert Fogg
  • Mr Stephen Clarke
  • Mr Ben Picton

Central Office Team

Our structure at St Philip's Christian College is unique in that we have a Central Office which provides support to our network of schools. The schools benefit from extra resources and professional services including leadership support, educational consultation, professional development, staff collaboration, human resources, finance, building services, risk management, information and communication technology and marketing communications.

In all that we do we believe we are called to be leaders in whole of life education and we are continually looking to ways that we can further this endeavour. The Central Office team is committed to enabling the best possible educational journey for our entire SPCC community.

Download our Central Office Framework to discover our multi-school group structure and the benefits gained from being part of a wider group of schools.