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Performing Arts


Musicals are an outstanding community event staged every two years. Junior/ Middle School one year; Senior School the next. Musicals are an exciting avenue for students to express their talent through music, drama, dance, voice and stage production.

St Philip's Christian College is widely regarded for excellence in Musical Theatre. Senior School perform a school musical every second year. Performances are held at the Civic Theatre and are of an exceptional standard. St Philip's Christian College musicals have received multiple CONDAs (City of Newcastle Drama Awards), gaining recognition as the highest calibre of performance and production in the city.


Drama is a dynamic and exciting subject available as a subject elective as well as in a range of performance opportunities including our annual Drama Festival.

God has given every person the ability within him or her to be creative and to discover the world around them.

The aim of Drama is to provide the students with experiences in which the intellect, the emotions, the imagination and the body are all involved and developed through expression, performance, observation and reflection.

In later stages, our aim is to encourage our students to appreciate God’s world and to realise the unique value of self and others. Every individual has different gifts and abilities which can be utilised effectively in drama whether perceptual, analytical, critical, performance-based, creative or constructive to benefit self, others and the larger community.

The syllabus is designed for students to experience, understand, enjoy and value drama as a social, collaborative and creative art form and as an expression of culture through making, performing and critically studying drama and theatre.