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St Philip’s Christian College Newcastle is a leader in the effective implementation of innovative educational technologies. Students are taught to be both proficient and discerning users of technology, and all technology integration in the College curriculum is delivered through the lens of our College Core Values.

The exciting range of cutting-edge, educational technology available for students at SPCC Waratah supports learning through exploring, creating, collaborating, communicating, innovating and seeking feedback. It maximises student engagement and expands our educational programs far beyond the traditional classroom experience.

One-To-One MacBook Program

All students from Years 5 to 12 are provided with a MacBook laptop computer. These MacBooks are provided to students on a rolling 2-year program, insured for accidental damage, and supported by our friendly team of IT technicians on the iSupport helpdesk. Student MacBooks are used as a supplementary learning tool that expands the opportunities students have to research, create, explore and collaborate in their learning. Through our one-to-one MacBook program, students develop essential digital literacy and information literacy skills, that equip them to succeed both now and into the future.

mySPCC iLearn

mySPCC iLearn is the online learning management system designed to deliver learning, assessment and feedback to students. This powerful web-based educational software is the central platform used by students to submit learning tasks, communicate with teachers, and access lesson resources. mySPCC iLearn is also the progressive reporting platform that provides parents with on-demand, up-to-date, and detailed information about their child’s academic achievement in each subject area, including their current level of achievement in each subject, detailed teacher feedback for each assessment task, and data on their progression in the achievement of course outcomes.


The iSupport team is dedicated to assisting students and parents in the effective use of technology. Our friendly team of IT technicians is available from 8am – 4pm each school day, to help students get the most out of their MacBook and other College information systems. They can be contacted by phone, email, or in person at the iSupport Helpdesk located in the Centre for Innovation and Learning 7-12 Hub.

STEM Education

St Philip’s Christian College has an exceptional history of high academic achievement in STEM education, enjoying success both locally and nationally in a range of STEM competitions and industry events. Students are supported in their interest and passion for STEM through access to our 2 world class STEM Education Spaces – designed for both primary and secondary students. These purpose-built STEM labs are where students engage with hands-on, problem-based engineering projects, using technology such as 3D printers, robotic and mechatronic devices, submarine testing tanks, laser cutters, wind tunnel aerodynamic testing chambers, holographic projection units and more, all delivered by our team of specialist STEM educators.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Immersive learning is the process of learning with the use of a simulated or artificial environment. Students at SPCC experience immersive learning through the use of virtual reality and augmented reality systems. This includes:

  • augmented reality books, bringing the pages of hardcopy books to life.
  • class sets of virtual reality headsets, that allow the teacher to guide students through a virtual reality experience on a chosen topic
  • specialist fully-interactive virtual reality systems, giving students the ability to create fully-immersive worlds, and interact with them in a digital environment.

Recording Studio

As the creation of digital media becomes an increasingly important digital literacy, SPCC continues to provide students with the equipment, resources, programs and opportunities to develop their skills in producing quality digital media.

The Student Recording Studio, located in the Centre for Innovation and Learning, is a bookable recording studio that students can use to produce high quality video and audio content. Equipped with studio lighting, green screen backdrop, camera, microphone and preview monitors, the studio contains everything a student needs to take their next school project to an exciting new level.