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St Philip's Christian College Newcastle

Leaders in Whole of Life Education

St Philip’s Christian College Newcastle is paving the way in integrating student-centred learning and flexible learning spaces, ensuring every student achieves their personal best in all areas of learning.

Meet our College Principal

Every parent wants to find a school where their child will receive the very best education, a school where their child will develop strong faith and good character, a school where their child will be loved and respected, and a school that their child is proud to attend.

Providing an enriching and liberating educational experience.

St Philip's Christian College is leading the way in generating a shift in pedagogy and learning environments.

We are empowering our students to learn in a way that compliments their individual learning style and we are providing them with opportunities to excel across every area of their education.

Each St Philip's School offers individualised student learning frameworks, innovative and engaging learning environments and opportunities for students to excel in the whole of their life by opening pathways in the areas of academic excellence, information technology, iSTEM, music, creative and performing arts, sport and vocational education.

Nurture in the Christian faith is seen as vital to a student forming strong values, purpose and integrity.

We believe we are developing global citizens who are graduating from their schooling journey with not only a superior academic education but with an understanding of the world in which they find themselves physically, socially, culturally, academically and spiritually.