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Student Leadership

Student Leadership 

Junior and Middle School

The Junior and Middle School Student Leadership model provides students with a voice within their sub-school, developing a sense of ownership and commitment to the vision and values of the college. Our leadership program facilitates practical opportunities that enable our students from both Year 4 and Year 8 to be involved in a wide range of decision-making processes. 

Leadership opportunities include:

  1. Student-run groups and clubs (Social, Justice, Environmental Action etc)
  2. School Captains and Student Leadership Team
  3. House Captains and sporting teams
  4. Leadership development

Senior School

St Philip's Christian College highly values leadership and actively seeks to instil the attributes of an effective leader into each of the students. Students are also presented with numerous opportunities to seek out further leadership opportunities throughout their Senior School journey.

Leadership opportunities include;

  1. 9-11 Student Leadership Groups
  2. Student run groups and clubs (Social, Justice, Environmental Action etc)
  3. School Captains and Year 12 Prefect Team
  4. House Captains and Sporting Teams

The main role of captains

  • To be a leader of Christian faith, culture and community in the college;
  • To demonstrate servant leadership (as modelled by Christ);
  • To represent the student body at certain functions;
  • To always set a fine example of Christian living to fellow students;
  • To actively promote school pride and participation in school activities within the student body;
  • To chair meetings and assemblies as required.

The role of prefects

Prefects are appointed by the Principal, based on student nominations and advice from staff. Their appointment is a gesture of trust in them, that they will continue to show the character and ideals that led to their nomination.

The role of a Prefect involves:

  • Meeting together once a week with an elected staff member to work on school issues and be trained in leadership
  • Assist with duties at special functions and public occasions
  • Assisting in the organisation and leading of assemblies
  • Being a point of contact for students
  • Liaise between students and staff
  • Pastoral support for fellow students by listening and caring for them and making sure bystanders are encouraged to act
  • Strategising with staff to correct unsatisfactory behaviour such as bullying
  • Assisting new students and visitors to the College
  • Providing assistance to staff where necessary in various areas identified by the Principal, Heads of School or the Senior School Leadership Team
  • Being present at Swimming, Athletics, and Cross Country Carnivals and other significant events to support, serve or/ and encourage student participation. This also applies to HRIS events and carnivals, as requested by the Head of Senior School
  • Attending student leadership workshops and courses provided by the College
  • Supporting their fellow prefects and, in particular, appointed Captains and Vice-Captains