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Tertiary Education

Welcome to the St Philip's Christian Education Tertiary Sector, where we offer unique post-school opportunities in the education sector.

Our vision is to focus on the holistic development of individuals and cultivate exemplary Christian educators who are not only classroom-ready but also embody the teachings of Jesus in all aspects of their lives. We believe that Christian Education encompasses more than just a Christian perspective on understanding; it is a way of life.

Our Tertiary Sector provides a learning environment that fosters competence and connection throughout life. We focus on developing students' faith, character, and wellbeing, ensuring they are prepared for all aspects of life. We pride ourselves on implementing cutting-edge learning and teaching practices, and our unique advantage is that our students are taught by real teachers who are experts in the field of education.

At St Philip's, we aim to train authentic Christian educators who are equipped to engage, inform, and inspire young people on their journey of faith in Jesus. We consider nurture the Christian faith as essential for students to develop strong values, purpose, and integrity.

We offer boutique student cohorts, which means we provide individualised pathways and opportunities tailored to each student's needs and aspirations. This allows us to support and empower students as they navigate their educational journey.

The St Philip's Tertiary Sector is at the forefront of reimagining tertiary pathways into the education sector. We are proud to be a pioneering initiative that is revolutionising the way individuals enter the field of education.

Join us and embark on a transformative educational experience that will shape you into an exceptional Christian educator, ready to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.

From the moment you’re assigned to a mentor, you’re constantly reviewing your practice and have ongoing support

Teaching School Student