For the Whole of Their Life.


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The event is all about giving each and every student a chance to participate in, witness and experience different kinds of performance.

The Outback

2018 Moree Mission Trip

It is better to give than to receive. Our mission team's time at Moree this year was a journey I will forever cherish. 

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What's On October to November

A quick look at what's happening in the College for the months of October through to November. 

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NAPLAN: Now what?

Navigating through your child's NAPLAN results, so that you are able to both celebrate their strengths and determine future areas of focus. 

Student And Teacher

Why It's Important To Stay Engaged In Your Child's Education As They Grow

'Don't let your surly teenager fob you off', how to navigate through staying engaged in your children's education as they grow. 

Growth Mindset

Wellbeing Toolkit

When faced with life's challenges, hardships and setbacks, people approach them with either a growth or fixed mindset. This series explores the way in which we can understand and harness these mindsets better. 

The Life

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    Whole of Life Education

    We are respected by our teachers, we get choices and chances to shape what we do for our learning

    The Way, The Truth, The Life

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    Learn about our school's Education Framework

    St Philip's Christian College provides students with an enriching and liberating education.

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    How do I enrol my child at St Philip's Christian College?

    Enroling your child at St Philip's Christian College can be the biggest decision in your child's education.