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The Senior School Team is dedicated to the emotional, social, academic, spiritual and creative development of each student.

A Learning Community

Many students begin to flourish as they progress through the Senior School years. They develop an increased responsibility for their own learning. Key features of the Senior School learning community include:

  • a wide range of elective courses during Years 9/10 and Years 11/12
  • strong pastoral care from staff who love working with students in the senior years
  • favourable class sizes, allowing students to perform at their best
  • a wide range of extra-curricular activities

Cultivating Excellence

As the level of choice increases for Senior School students, so do the expectations of their attitude towards learning. Senior School students are encouraged to show initiative in their learning, seeking to extend themselves in their academic, sporting and cultural pursuits.

Teachers design educational programs with their students in mind in order to engage and challenge students in the learning process. Students are valued as individuals and are encouraged to recognise and use their unique gifts for the benefit of the wider school community.