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Meet the Principal

It is my pleasure to announce our plans to launch St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa in 2024.

The vision for this school originated from the Yadha Muru Foundation, led by prominent Aboriginal community leader, Sean Gordon and UNSW’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Prof Leanne Holt.

A number of years ago, they approached SPCC with a dream of creating a school for their people on Worimi country. A school which was immersed in culture and language, while also holding high academic standards.

Since that time, we have been planning with the local Worimi community to provide this new and wonderful opportunity of delivering quality Christian education in partnership.

As we go on this journey together, my hope is that it will transform our entire school community as we learn from each other about our national history and identity, appreciating and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait cultures, languages and contributions to Australian society.