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Our School

St Philip’s Christian Education Foundation has made a commitment to prioritise our efforts toward our Aboriginal community by providing an educational environment known as St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa.

In partnership with the Worimi community and its organisations, the aim of this school is to develop cultural confidence and strong foundations in literacy and numeracy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary students. 

The classroom programs are systemic and intensive, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, delivered in a culturally supportive and enriching environment. Our goal is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to reach high school having achieved personal success, maximising their opportunities in high school and beyond. Our hope is that every student who graduates from the Gilibaa School in Year 6 will continue their secondary education at St Philip’s Christian College Port Stephens. 

Along with numeracy and literacy, the classroom programs will also promote cultural identity and understanding. The Worimi community and its organisations will take an active role in teaching Indigenous practice, history, language and culture. This partnership will provide an opportunity for all St Philip’s students to understand and celebrate the contribution of Indigenous people to our society.