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St Philip's Christian College Gilibaa

A Worimi School immersed in culture and language.

St Philip’s Christian Education Foundation has made a commitment to prioritise our efforts toward our Aboriginal community by providing an educational environment known as St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa.

In partnership with the Worimi community and its organisations, the aim of this school is to develop cultural confidence and strong foundations in literacy and numeracy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary students.

Meet our College Principal 

It is my pleasure to announce our plans to launch St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa in 2024. The vision for this school originated from the Yadha Muru Foundation, led by prominent Aboriginal community leader, Sean Gordon and UNSW’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Prof Leanne Holt.

Meet our Director of Aboriginal Education

Gilibaa – ‘The Place of Light’ will be a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will have the opportunity to develop not just in education but in local Aboriginal culture founded on a Christian ethos. Gilibaa is focused on developing students who will in turn grow families and communities.

St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa has been by requested, endorsed, developed and will be staffed by local Aboriginal community

Principal Martin Telfer