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Our Story

Who we are

We passionately believe in the need for independent, accessible education that develops the whole child – intellectually, socially, physically, culturally and spiritually; environments that maintain exceptional culturally relevant educational standards, embedded with the truth of the Christian Gospel. 

We believe in delivering best-practice, leading education that embraces people as individuals and equips them to serve the communities and world in which they live. Person-by-person, generation-by-generation – by the grace that God supplies – we positively impact the world through life-changing education.

Why St Philip's Christian College

Whole-life learning: Nurturing Holistic Growth

At St Philip's, our primary objective is to offer a comprehensive and transformative educational experience. Our educational philosophy goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge and skills; we aim to instil a profound appreciation for the richness of life and learning in our students. Attention is given to the development of the whole child through a balanced curriculum involving the academic, social, physical and spiritual. 

Our track record reflects our commitment to academic excellence, and we encourage our students to strive for the highest standards in all their endeavours. We firmly believe that each student is a unique creation of God, deserving of respect and value, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds, age, or standing within the school community. While we maintain a strong independent philosophy, we also stay progressive and attuned to educational developments.

Our strong staff relationships enable us to readily adopt and implement innovations and effective changes for the benefit of our students. We believe that parents play a pivotal role in the educational process, and we strive to establish a strong working relationship with each family. This collaboration is most effective when parents align with our policies and embrace the Christian ethos of our College.

Providing an enriching and tailored educational experience

St Philip's Christian College Gilibaa has adopted an evidence informed model of schooling that is designed specifically to cater for the needs and interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Beyond an excellent education, our approach fosters self-awareness and wellbeing, spiritual formation, authentic relationships and personal excellence within a values-based, faith-filled community.

Each student has an individual education plan that allows them to set goals with their teacher, parents and/or caregivers while following the NSW curriculum relevant to their stage of learning.