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Meet the Head of Campus

Hello, my name is Claire Gray, welcome to Dynamic Learning College, at Cessnock. I feel blessed to introduce myself as the Head of Campus. 

In the last eight years I have been part of the SPCC Gosford Inclusive Education team and for five of those years, I was the Head of Inclusive Education from Kindergarten to Year Twelve. I am passionate about creating a sense of belonging for all students, while empowering them to understand how they can learn and reach their personal potential, valuing how God has uniquely blessed each of them. 

Prior to coming to St Philip’s Christian College, I have worked for eighteen years as the teacher within a therapy team, supporting the inclusion of children with complex disabilities and diverse learning needs. I obtained my Masters of Inclusive Education with a specialisation in Autism and set up a business in 2012 called “Include Me Too”. 

I am married with two beautiful sons, three stepdaughters and a nanny to nine grandchildren. Each of our family members are unique and some have diagnosed needs. I have been on this journey as a parent and grandparent, supporting their individual needs in learning and wellbeing, advocating for them, and seeking to ensure that they have experienced love, acceptance, and a sense of personal efficiency. 

My goal at Cessnock is to build on the foundations of this school and its philosophy of seeking dynamic solutions for students, so they can understand how they learn best and can celebrate who they are. I pray that every student will learn to embrace their God given strengths and feel excited about coming to school each day to grow and explore new opportunities and learning experiences.

I look forward meeting and working with the students and families of Dynamic Learning College, Cessnock. It is such an exciting time to be here as we grow and develop new learning opportunities and a strong sense of community and connection as part of the SPCC schools. 

Claire Gray
Head of Campus