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Educational Philosophy

Discover the Dynamic Learning Difference

At Dynamic Learning College, we've created a tailored learning program designed to enhance student engagement and educational outcomes for children and young individuals with a diagnosis of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and/or Autism (Level 1&2).

Our mission is to nurture our students growth, empowering them for a lifetime of success. As pioneers in special education, we employ evidence-informed methodologies that ensure every student has the opportunity to thrive, celebrating their unique strengths.

Our Empowering Approach

Our specialised staff are experienced in implementing evidence-based strategies customised to the needs of our students. The Dynamic Learning difference embodies best practices, shaping the structure of the school day, which includes:
Morning Movement and Devotion: A positive start to the day, fostering readiness for learning.
Transitions: Smooth shifts between activities and subjects, promoting a seamless learning experience.
Supported Break Times: Staff-assisted structured activities during breaks, with debrief opportunities.

Our Classes

At Dynamic Learning College, we have stage-based classes, each accommodating a maximum of 16 students. These classes align with the NSW Curriculum:

  • Stage 2: Years 3 and 4
  • Stage 3: Years 5 and 6
  • Stage 4: Years 7 and 8
  • Stage 5: Years 9 and 10
  • Stage 6: Years 11 and 12

Our Learning

Our teaching approach has a core teacher in each class delivering the NSW curriculum in an engaging manner while seeking interdisciplinary connections. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) ensures accessibility and individual learning plans cater to diverse needs. Learning and Wellbeing Assistants and Learning Support Teachers offer support, and targeted intervention programs to aid literacy and numeracy development.

Teaching is delivered with an explanation (I do), demonstration (we do) and then practice (you do). Using this structure in class allows teachers to identify student learning gaps before moving to the next lesson. We don't set homework as we recognise that many families use their after-school time for activities and appointments. Students complete assessment tasks at school.

Our Wellbeing

Our staff create a positive environment with clear expectations. A high staff-to-student ratio ensures personalised support. Daily check-ins, guided by Chaplains and Wellbeing staff, foster awareness of values, honour and purpose for themselves, for others, and ultimately for God.

For the Whole of Life

We expand learning horizons by collaborating with local groups and industries and offering work placements for Years 9 to 12 students. Graduates receive a non-ATAR HSC and valuable VET qualifications. The program of study for the HSC may qualify students for entry into some university degree courses. Our employment and training program supports their journey beyond graduation, keeping our alumni close.