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Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Our staff create a positive environment with clear expectations. A high staff-to-student ratio ensures personalised support. Daily check-ins, guided by Chaplains and Wellbeing staff, foster awareness of values, honour and purpose for themselves, for others, and ultimately for God.

St Philip's Christian College Dynamic Learning offers a Chaplaincy program that involves pastoral guidance for those students and families who request it in times of need or questioning. This program provides personal, confidential and hope-focused pastoral support, one day a week at Waratah.

The Chaplain works closely, within appropriate confidences, with families, support agencies, Wellbeing Assistants and the Teaching team. The spiritual nature of our Chaplain’s pastoral work is consistent with the Christian ethos of the School, which is explained in pre-enrolment printed material and interviews.

Students visit with the Chaplain through a voluntary process by requesting to do so to any staff member. No student or person is forced to spend time with the Chaplain and students may opt-out of this program at any stage by notifying any staff member. The School’s Grievance Policy and procedures applies equally to any Chaplaincy service and we encourage our parents and families to give feedback of all support services in the routine Individualised Plan meetings.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.