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Mini Woolies Opening

Welcome to Philly's Fresh Food!

We are excited to announce that we have opened a Mini Woolworths store at Dynamic Learning & Young Parents Colleges in Newcastle in partnership with Woolworths and Fujitsu.

The mini store has been established to simulate the operations of a real supermarket to give our students a chance to experience working in an authentic environment.

There are baskets for fresh food, shelving for groceries, registers, ticketing, signage and Woolworths branded uniforms for students to wear, creating an immersive educational experience.

Woolworths Warabrook store manager, Scott Kime, and his team have been helping students and staff prepare for our new Mini Woolies experience, by delivering groceries and teaching them how to use the registers. "It's a great initiative for our local community," he said. "There's been a huge amount of interest from my team wanting to train the students ahead of the launch event. We hope they can experience the retail environment in exciting new ways."

Our Acting Executive Principal, Tim Petterson, said he was thrilled to launch the small scale store. "This exciting addition is all about empowering our students with real-world skills," he said. "The new retail space will be a 'dynamic learning' environment where our students can gain hands-on experience and we believe that this unique opportunity will help to prepare them for a successful future. We can't wait to see them thrive in this innovative setting."

The Mini Woolies program now operates in more than 49 locations across Australia, and more than 3000 young people with disabilities and special needs have had the opportunity to engage with these learning spaces.

Woolworths Group's Shelia O'Reaily said the company looks forward to seeing how the Newcastle community uses their new space to help students gain independence and develop new skills for the future.