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Staff Spotlight - Making a Difference: Lucas Paleaae's Journey as a Wellbeing Assistant

Lucas Paleaae, a dedicated Wellbeing Assistant at Dynamic Learning College, plays a vital role in nurturing the growth and development of children with special needs. In this blog post, we delve into his inspiring journey, experiences, and the impact he has on the lives of his students.

Lucas shares, "I was inspired to be a Wellbeing Assistant because I am passionate about helping people." His unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those he serves is the driving force behind his career choice.

Lucas brings valuable experience to his role, having worked with vulnerable individuals suffering from drug-induced mental health issues. He has also pursued a Diploma in Mental Health, equipping him with the knowledge and skills necessary to support his students.

One of the significant challenges in teaching special needs children is balancing emotional and academic support within the classroom. Lucas emphasises that maintaining healthy boundaries and working collaboratively with a dedicated team of professionals is the key to overcoming this challenge.

Lucas's most rewarding moments come when he witnesses his students exceeding their expectations. He takes pride in seeing students grow academically and in their social interactions while they acquire essential life skills.

Lucas's approach is individualised, as he meets each student where they are and tailors his teaching methods accordingly. Focusing on students' mental and emotional wellbeing is paramount to helping them excel academically.

I enjoy seeing my students achieve goals they never thought they could reach.


Lucas is genuinely passionate about his role, saying, "I enjoy seeing my students achieve goals they never thought they could reach." He also finds fulfilment in helping students embrace their unique potential and values the collaborative spirit within his team.

As a wellbeing assistant, Lucas assesses student progress and success by observing their growth in social interactions and confidence. These indicators are essential for the holistic development of special needs students.

Lucas offers valuable advice: "If you are passionate about helping people, it is the perfect job." He encourages individuals passionate about working with children with special needs to join this fulfilling career, emphasising the importance of helping students reach their goals while supporting them on their unique journey.

Lucas Paleaae's role as a Wellbeing Assistant at Dynamic Learning College is a testament to the transformative impact teachers and caregivers have on the lives of special needs children. His dedication, compassion, and expertise make a profound difference in education.