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Student Learning

The Junior School learning environments facilitate student-driven learning to better equip each individual student with the tools required for a powerful and successful life in a future unknown.

Our learning environments are set up to inspire creativity and engagement in learning. They are homely, innovative and colourful, with the flexibility required to meets the needs of all children.

Our class structures include: 

Kindergarten, Stage 1 comprising Years 1 and 2, and Stage 2 comprising Year 3 and 4. All learning environments are flexible semi-open learning spaces(classrooms). All students in each stage will engage in large and small group learning experiences as part of collaborative teaching and learning.

Students’ learning needs are catered for through individual student profiles and learning goals, the use of higher order thinking skills and routines, and a greater understanding and approach to strength-based teaching and learning through Multiple Intelligences.

Faculties and Courses



Science & Technology


Information Technology



Creative & Practical Arts (CAPA)

  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Dance
  • Drama

Personal Development, Health & Physical Education

  • Health/Personal Development
  • Physical Education

Faith and Life