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SmartTrack Academy (Years 7 and 8): A Journey of Being and Becoming

Over recent years, the world has taken a dramatic leap forward, and education as we know it is continuing to change. Trends in education research are beginning to suggest the traditional model of school is increasingly becoming outdated, and no longer fully meets the current and future needs of young people.

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HSC Results - 2022

The students of Year 12 2022 have achieved outstanding results, with students achieving 108 Band 6’s (90+), and of these, 2 students were Top Achievers, being ranked in the top 10 in NSW, and 2 students were named as All-Rounders, receiving Band 6 results in at least 10 units of the courses studied. As a cohort, the students' results have contributed to our school being placed 64th in the NSW school rankings, which is a record in the history of the College.

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HSC SmartTrack: Reimagining Year 11 and 12

At St Philip’s Christian College, we know that every student is unique, with individual gifts, talents and goals. This means the traditional “one size fits all” approach to learning is not always the most effective way to support students as they complete their HSC.

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Celebrating International Women's Day at St Philip's Christian College

In our society and beyond, we recognise that there are many women and girls who struggle to embrace who God created them to be. They are faced with societal pressures to look and act in a particular way, and if unable to “measure up”, may experience a sense of failure and isolation.

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Middle School: Enjoying the Journey for 20 Years

This year, Middle School at St Philip’s Christian College will celebrate 20 years of providing students with a distinct and dynamic learning environment in Years 5 to 8. After a number of years of careful exploration, Middle School commenced in 2001 with just 10 classes, with the aim of creating a sub-school that would give intentional focus to the distinct needs of students aged 10-14 years.

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HSC Results - 2020

Congratulations to Year 12 2020 students on outstanding HSC results. The year has certainly been a time of significant challenge, especially for those completing their HSC. We are incredibly proud of the way in which every SPCC student has shown courage during 2020 and risen to face the challenges that this year has brought.

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Managing Distractions: How do I study for my exams?

As students head towards revising for Yearly examinations, it is a great opportunity to look more closely at one of our Whole of Life Learning Framework Habits, ‘Managing Distractions’.

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Middle School's Personal Wellbeing Practices

This year in our Middle School, we have introduced Personal Wellbeing Practices. The Personal Wellbeing Practices (PWPs) are based on positive psychology, as students are equipped with strategies to help them flourish for the whole of their life.


Students Spelling Their Way to Success: Mastering Spelling in Years 2-6

Many Australian students find learning to spell difficult and, in some ways, learning to spell is more difficult than learning other skills such as reading and writing. One proven way to help students learn to spell is through Direct Instruction.

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