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For the Whole of Life


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Embark on an educational journey that serves and endures for the whole of life

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Welcome to St Philip's Christian College Gilibaa

St Philip’s Christian College Gilibaa is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years K-2. Our desire is for this school to extend up to Year 6 in future years.

Providing an enriching and tailored educational experience

St Philip's Christian College Gilibaa has adopted an evidence informed model of schooling that is designed specifically to cater for the needs and interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

We are Leaders in Whole of Life Education – empowering young people with agency and opportunity to explore their whole potential while firmly grounded in their value and God’s love, for the whole of life.

Beyond an excellent education, our approach fosters self-awareness and wellbeing, spiritual formation, authentic relationships and personal excellence within a values-based, faith-filled community.

Each student has an individual education plan that allows them to set goals with their teacher, parents and/or caregivers while following the NSW curriculum relevant to their stage of learning.