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Our Philosophy

The name “Narnia” is taken from the famous “Chronicles of Narnia” series written by C. S. Lewis. Narnia is an imaginary land where children have fun and adventure and in the process, learn great truths about themselves, the world they live in, and their Creator. We desire our Narnia to be a place like this.

Our philosophy expresses our values and beliefs, and the values, beliefs and understandings of our staff, children, families and community. It is outworked and made visible through our daily interactions, program and practice.

At Narnia, we believe that God loves, cares for, and is interested in the lives of all children, that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word and that Jesus Christ died and rose again for the salvation of all.

 It is this belief that underpins all we do and is reflected in the following-


In relation to children we believe:

  • Our children have the right to learn in an environment that is safe, secure, stimulating and free from bias.
  • Our children will be accepted, respected and valued and their voices will be heard.
  • Our children will have the opportunity to learn about their Creator and how much He loves them.
  • Our children thrive through thoughtful sustained conversations.
  • Our children’s development is enhanced through deliberate, professional planning, documenting, analysing and responding to children’s learning.

Our Families

Our families are the primary educators of their children and therefore have the most knowledge of their child.

Our families are accepted, respected and valued for their suggestions.

Our families are very welcome and their involvement is encouraged and integral to the quality of our program.


In relation to families and community we believe:

We are collectively responsible for a sustainable future so we develop a real awareness and practice of sustainability and care for the natural environment.

We are committed to learning more about our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and recognise the multicultural nature of the wider community - locally, nationally and globally.

We respect and celebrate diversities of culture, abilities and interests.


In relation to staff we believe:

  • Our staff will know and trust in Jesus Christ.
  • Our staff will be valued for their gifts and expertise.
  • Our staff will work together as a team to achieve their goals and be supportive of one another.
  • Our staff will communicate respectfully with each other to create an environment that is friendly and pleasant for all to work within.

Our Program

Our learning environments are natural, inviting, inclusive and rich in possibilities for learning to happen anywhere at any time.

Our program will inspire children to be creative problem solvers. It will encourage them to inquire, explore, experiment and be curious.

Our program will encourage learning through everyday experiences as well as through purposeful developmentally appropriate planned learning experiences which link with EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework for Australia) outcomes.

Our program will provide opportunities for children to develop and consolidate skills in key learning areas including: Language and Literacy; Creative and Expressive Arts; Mathematics; Science and Social & Emotional Development.

Statement of Aims

Our aim is to contribute to the holistic development of each child by providing an educational experience of lasting value.

  • Intellectually – by exploring and using first hand experiences which help build an enthusiasm for learning.
  • Physically – by offering experiences which will develop coordination and motor skills.
  • Socially - by providing activities and group experiences focusing on children learning the skills needed to cooperate with others.
  • Emotionally – by encouraging a safe and secure environment that focuses on children learning independence and confidence in themselves.
  • Spiritually – by presenting a Christian worldview in all we do and through the inclusion of God’s Word interspersed in the daily program through Bible stories and songs.

To achieve these aims, we will remain current with contemporary research and investigation of innovative teaching approaches and ensure our staff have a thorough understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework and reflective practice. At Narnia Early Learning we have high expectations for the children, educators and service providers.