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Narnia Early Learning

Leaders in Christian Early Education and Care.

Narnia Christian Preschool and Early Childhood Centres are the dedicated early childhood facilities of St Philip's Christian Education. These centres cater to children from 0 to 5 years old and are located adjacent to the Kinder to Year 12 colleges.

Our philosophy is to create an environment where endless fun, infectious laughter, rich interactions, genuine love, a sense of the big world, flourishing creativity, and a real connection with Jesus is fostered.

Each Narnia centre has its own unique design, either situated in magnificent homes to create a warm and homely atmosphere or purposefully built to complement the surrounding environment. The centres boast wonderful outdoor playgrounds with elements of adventure, often featuring a dedicated "forest" area.

Equipped with the latest technology for both staff and students, the centres strike a balance by seamlessly integrating the natural environment of the building and playground. This includes working herb and vegetable gardens, promoting hands-on learning experiences.

Drawing inspiration from C.S. Lewis' famous novel "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe," each centre incorporates floor-to-ceiling murals that create an exciting and fantastical ambiance throughout.

The proximity of the centres to the St Philip's Christian College Junior School, brings additional benefits, particularly for the Transition to School Program. Children preparing for school have easier access to school facilities and become familiar with the school environment through regular lessons and visits as part of the program.

The combination of beautiful facilities and dedicated staff, deeply committed to the care, education, and wellbeing of young children, makes our Early Learning Education ideal for nurturing and developing young minds.

Why "Narnia"?

The name "Narnia" is inspired by C.S. Lewis' renowned "Chronicles of Narnia" series, which depicts an imaginary land where children embark on adventures and learn profound truths about themselves, the world, and their Creator. The aim of our Narnia centres is to provide a similar experience for children.

The staff are just incredible. The teachers and educators are really positive. They’re very engaged and interact with our kids all the time.

– Narnia parent

Meet our Executive Director of Early Learning

Nicole is passionate about authentic Christian education and incorporating creative arts and nature pedagogy into aesthetically beautiful learning environments. She looks forward to continuing to build partnerships with families and communities as she leads our Early Learning Sector into the future.