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Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing

One of the greatest strengths at our College is the Christian culture and the nurturing environment that continues to develop amongst the students, staff and school community. “Connections” are important to us, connecting with people and building caring relationships that are Godly and actually make each individual feel like they are cared for and catered for. Our staff are committed Christians who attend local churches where possible and further nurturing and pastoral care is given. Our connection through the local church has allowed students to find a spiritual home and care outside of the college as well as inside. The local church is seen as the main medium where long term support and personal Christian growth can be nurtured and encouraged.

In educating our students for the ‘whole of their life,' our aim is to develop each student academically, socially, physically and spiritually. Our school runs special programs with a ministry focus to achieve these aims.

Each week we run a chapel service. This is a time for students to be presented with a Christian message and reflect on how this can impact their lives.

Our College also has a Christian accredited psychologist who is very pastoral by nature and is available to provide counselling, assessment and support services to students, staff and College community.