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The Senior School Team is dedicated to the emotional, social, academic, spiritual and creative development of each student.

We have a strong emphasis on relationship, community, pastoral care and academic rigour. In essence, we want our graduates to get the best possible HSC result they can achieve; to be well educated in ‘whole of life’ matters, enabling them to make good decisions and to lead a meaningful life.

At Port Stephens we understand that happy students are superior learners and achieve better results and this is one reason why we put so much emphasis on helping students enjoy the journey through Senior School, pastoral care and shaping the positive culture of the College.

The culture in Senior School enables all to feel that they are part of a big family. Physical and mental health are openly discussed and there are many supports in place to help assist those who are struggling.

Importantly, while friendships and networks are developed during the early years of Senior School, they become platforms for personal and academic development in the later years.

Academic standards in the Senior School are high and staff are committed to maintaining a proud record of excellence in the School. This tradition is the product of high expectations, flexible course composition, optimum class sizes and individualised academic counselling for all students. There is an emphasis on fostering the skills of motivation, time management, personal responsibility and independent learning.

Small class sizes, particularly in Years 11 and 12 enable students to receive the attention that they deserve at this critical time in their education. A wide choice of subjects are available, and include both traditional academic interests and vocational education. We also run free after school tutoring four afternoons a week.