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Our Trainee Teachers

Our trainees are not just students aspiring to become teachers at the end of their degrees; they are teachers from day one. They are valued members of the school community, far more than just an extra pair of hands. Trainee Teachers learn more about who they are as a person, as a student and as a teacher.

The Trainee Teacher as Person, Student and Teacher | Copyright © 2022 St Philip’s Teaching School

Trainees are an important part of our St Philip's Teaching School Village; next generation leaders, who breathe new life into the educational sphere and seek to be exemplary Christian educators. As part of our village, Trainee Teachers are surrounded by inspirational educators, and a supportive network from day one; helping to form and grow trainees as teachers. 

Michael, one of our incredible Trainee Teachers, talks about what it's like to be part of the St Philip's Teaching School Village, 

'There are numerous people who are part of our village - helping form us into better teachers. We are figuring this out and journeying together. It provides a safe place for us to ask questions, navigate topics and challenges; allowing us to make mistakes and grow. The Teaching School identifies the gifts within us. We are not just a number; we are known, valued, safe and supported.' 

A point of difference in the St Philip's Teaching School is our flexible pathways and individualised learning for Trainee Teachers. Trainee Teachers are not locked into one sector of the educational sphere. As trainees are in the classroom from day one of their degree, they are better able to understand their unique interests and electives in the educational sphere, as well as better articulate their desired career trajectory. 

Our Trainee Teacher Anna, talks to her experience of the St Philip's Teaching Schools pathway options, 

'I don't think I would be a teacher if I had persevered with primary teaching. It wasn't the right fit. Through the Teaching School's unique pathways, I found that Visual Arts is my passion. When students start creating art, it's magical. I love teaching, I am now in the right place. I'm glad that I had the Teaching School to guide me on the right path .' 

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