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About Saints Academy

Our Program

Our program will have a substantial focus on the outdoors and outdoor education which teaches students the skills of “working together as a group, problem-solving in practical ways, leadership, appreciating nature, appreciating our bodies for their power and strength (not just because of how they look), learning organisation and time-management, gaining independence, and developing persistence (Melbourne Child Psychology).

The Head of Saints Academy, is a degreed qualified Teacher with experience in leadership and will oversee the entire Academy as it grows across locations. Each location will employ a qualified Nominated Supervisor and other Educators for the day-to-day running of their location. Qualified staff bring a high level of child development knowledge, high level of observation skills and the ability to work intentionally to ensure students’ needs are met.

The Saints Academy will work in close partnership with the Colleges to achieve better outcomes for children.

There is much opportunity through working in partnership, to optimise students’ engagement with school leading to increased interest in academic performance and aspirations of higher learning.

The Academy will operate in the hours before and following the formal school day and cater for students in Junior and Middle School. Holiday programs will also operate in all Saints Academy locations.

Saints Academy will also meet the needs of custodial care in the hours before and after school which is a huge need for families and often met by OSHC programs.

CCS will be available to reduce fees for eligible families.