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Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

As whole of life educators, we value the emotional, social and spiritual development of children and want to partner with parents in raising resilient, respectful and compassionate young men and women. In order to achieve this there is a strong and deliberate emphasis placed on Pastoral Care.

A Kindergarten to Year 12 Pastoral Care program has been established in order to support each student, centred on a Positive Psychology model. The emphasis is on developing and nurturing character traits that will serve them well for when they leave school. Such traits include honesty, integrity, respect and humility.

To help the student navigate their way through their time at school they are supported by their classroom teachers, their Core teachers (Middle School), Pastoral Care Teachers (Senior School), School Counsellors and the School Chaplain. We desire for our students to realise their passion and purpose in life. We believe this can only be achieved in a caring and supportive Christian environment where the students are valued and feel connected with an inclusive school community.

Senior School

Pastoral Care in the Senior School is based on vertical integration, encouraging close relationships, family cohesion, peer support and close attention to student welfare. Pastoral Care Groups meet each school day. This is a time of support, encouragement, communication and prayer.

Students are taught, nurtured and guided by highly committed Christian teachers. Through modelling and instruction students are encouraged to attend first to their spiritual needs, as we believe that out of a relationship with God they will find their true passion and purpose in life.

The Pastoral Care model that the College uses is based on a Positive Psychology approach originally conceptualised by Dr Martin Seligman. Our unique adaptation of this approach can been seen by the diagram. Each student is an individual, yet we want to instil in them the importance and value of certain character traits. During the meetings students will explore a range of these traits through the teaching of the Pastoral Care teacher and peer mentoring from other students.

Each Pastoral Care class is connected to one of the four Houses. As such the Houses will compete in a variety of activities such as a House lip sync battle, House Drama, House Debating, House Games as well as the traditional House Carnivals such as the Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.