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Cocurricular activities and school camps

At St Philip's Christian College Gosford we offer a range of cocurricular activities to complement the academic life of our students. A holistic approach to education develops well-rounded, resilient and connected students. Student are strongly encouraged to be involved in these opportunities as they provide an important balance to the academic program at the College.

We believe participating in some of these activities enables students to express themselves in different ways outside the formal timetable. It offers students the chance to explore areas of personal interest and develop interpersonal skills as they connect with students from other year groups.

Some of these activities include fitness training sessions, sport specific skill development programs, board games, musical tutoring and band practice, sporting teams and study skills.

Camps are an integral part of our College Pastoral Care Program. The main purpose of camps is to establish relationships, build group identity, develop skills through challenging outdoor activities and enhance community living skills. Camps are progressively challenging as students advance through their years at the College.

Camps range from curriculum based camps, such as visits to Canberra through to outdoor recreation camps in Junior, Middle and Senior Schools as well as an "Amazing Race" style camp in Senior School.