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Student Learning

Research confirms that students learn best when they are actively engaged and when the learning environment stimulates both mind and body. Our Junior School Learning Zones are designed specifically to maximise learning. The flexible learning spaces provide areas for specialist instruction, encourage teamwork and collaboration. The openness of the areas supports different learning styles and allows teachers to be part of a team whilst working with groups of children.

Each grade is allocated to an open plan ‘Learning Zone’. Students are placed into a Pastoral Care Class and are allocated a Pastoral Care Teacher. Students learn with their own Pastoral Care class for part of the day and with other teachers/students in their grade for other parts of the day. The Pastoral Care Teachers regularly plan, implement, assess and evaluate learning and teaching in teams. The Pastoral Care Teacher is the parent’s first point of contact and is responsible for the specific needs of the students in their Pastoral Care Class.

The students are grouped in various ways to enhance learning. Some include:

  • differentiated ability groups
  • individual learning
  • friendship groups
  • whole grade groups
  • Pastoral Care groups
  • collaborative learning groups

The furniture is accessed by all students in the Learning Zone. At various points throughout the day, students are given a choice of where they would like to sit. The Learning Zones have a range of bright and colourful soft furnishings as well as desks and chairs. Some students may be allocated a designated position to cater for their individual needs.

The Junior School Learning Zones incorporate a co-teaching approach that enhances and maximises student learning. Co-teaching involves a group of two or more teachers working with a group of children. The teachers share aspects of the teaching and learning, including planning, teaching, assessing and looking after the wellbeing of all the students.

All teachers in the group will assist in monitoring student progress. Your child's Pastoral Care Teacher records how your child is progressing and is also responsible for implementing the required assessments. If your child is working with another teacher, that teacher will take notes, make observations and will report findings back to the Pastoral Care Teacher.

We are committed to inspiring young minds and nurturing each student so they can reach their full potential. The school's approach to teaching and learning is designed to equip students with skills for life-long learning and is facilitated by the expertise of outstanding teaching staff.

Students are highly engaged in the curriculum because it is delivered in ways that focus on developing skills that enable students to increasingly take control of their own learning.

“Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand.” Confucius

All students have ‘Faith and Life’ lessons, visit the Learning Resource Centre and participate in Assemblies and Chapel Services. Students are taught PE and Music by specialist teachers.

Teachers program units of work based on the New South Wales Board of Studies syllabus documents and the Australian Curriculum.