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Student Learning

Students are instructed in the full complement of Key Learning Areas as outlined by the NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) in:

  • Kindergarten classrooms (Early Stage One),
  • Year One / Two classrooms (Stage One),
  • Year Three / Four classrooms (Stage Two).

Class Format

Students are taught in individual classes of students from the same Year group. For certain learning activities, classes from the same Year group might combine. The design of our excellent facilities allows this flexibility, through the use of easily moved glass walls.

Each class has a home teacher and its own learning space. We use mixed ability groupings in all classes.

Early Stage One (ie Kindergarten), Stage One and Stage Two each has a team of teachers who plan, program and organise all learning experiences together for their Stage, to ensure consistency and continuity in the delivery of the learning. In addition, the College has a K-6 Curriculum Coordinator and a K-12 Director of Studies, who work with the teaching staff on curriculum development, compliance and implementation.