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Maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life



At St Philip’s Christian Education Foundation, we are excited to be launching a new venture in 2023; SPCC Saints Academy. Saints Academy will open up the opportunity for SPCC to extend their influence in the areas of education, care and spiritual nurture of children outside of the formal school day. It will incorporate three main areas of focus:

Saints Academy – Beyond School:
An out-of-hours school care program which centres on allowing students the opportunity to explore and learn across all curriculum areas in a supported and unhurried environment.

Saints Academy – Adventure Learning: An opportunity for students in our Colleges to experience the benefits of the outdoors and outdoor education, teaching students the skills of “working together as a group, problem-solving in practical ways, leadership, appreciating nature, learning organisation and time-management, gaining independence, and developing persistence.” (Melbourne Child Psychology)

Saints Academy – Active Families: Actively engaging families within our school and wider community through recreation and participation in Academy programs.

These three areas of the academy will launch progressively, beginning with the launch of Saints Academy – Beyond School from the beginning of 2023

Saints Academy – Beyond School will provide students with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life. It will offer a range of functions centred on areas of outdoor education, spiritual nurture, leadership development and sports and arts enrichment programs. The teaching and skills development provided in specialist areas will be part of the unhurried curriculum that allows children to master learning and skill development.

Saints Academy will commence at SPCC Cessnock from the beginning of Term 1, 2023 and SPCC Port Stephens from the beginning of Term 2, 2023