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Saints Academy

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Maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life

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What is Saints Academy?

St Philip’s Christian Education has developed an outstanding after school program to meet the needs of families within our school communities.

The program meets the high standards and excellence provided across other areas of the organisation including schools and early learning centres. We have created a program that children long to be part of and look forward to attending after school hours, providing opportunities for further learning and spiritual discipleship in a safe environment with qualified Christian staff. At the time of day when other children are heading home, these children are filled with anticipation and excitement for what’s ahead in their afternoon.

Introducing Saints Academy After School………

The focus of the Saints Academy after school program is to engage children in the natural environment through active outdoor education programs or nature play. We aim to get children outdoors and balance their screen time with green time. Time in the outdoors helps boost children’s development across all domains.

Saints Academy also includes opportunities for extended tuition in areas of the Arts, STEM, Health, fitness, leadership, and spiritual development.

Enrolment in Saints Academy provides opportunities for building friendships, developing talents and interests, and engaging in exciting learning opportunities without the pressures of academia. Extra-curricular experiences within the school environment build engagement and positive connections which often flow into academic achievement and student wellbeing.

Children are encouraged to be curious, creative, resilient, and articulate.


To create an intentionally unhurried learning environment where our student-centered adventures contribute to improved wellbeing and allow children and young people to master learning and skill development, through connection with the wider natural world, nurtured within a supportive Christian community.


An intentional unhurried focus on learning “possibilities” in the hours after school has led to the development of structured daily elective-style offerings for the children. This importantly allows for student choice each day, whilst also catering for the wide range of God-given gifts, abilities and strengths inherent within each child.

Active Core – Sport, physical education and motor-skill development program.

Adventure Core – Nature play and outdoor exploration program.

Creative Core – Visual arts mixed-medium program.

Discovery Core – STEM-inspired program, including Lego learning.

Saints Academy will commence at St Philip's Christian College Waratah and Gosford from the beginning of Term 1, 2024.