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Before and After School Program Gosford

Operating Hours

Daybreak Boost: 6:30am - 8:30am
Cost: $26.95 (CCS Eligible)
After School Program: 3:10pm -6:15pm
Cost: $37.75 (CCS Eligible)
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At Saints Academy, our program incorporates a substantial focus on the outdoors and outdoor education which teaches students the skills of “working together as a group, problem-solving in practical ways, leadership, appreciating nature, appreciating our bodies for their power and strength (not just because of how they look), learning organisation and time-management, gaining independence, and developing persistence (Melbourne Child Psychology).


An intentional unhurried focus on learning “possibilities” in the hours after school has led to the development of structured daily elective-style offerings for the children. This importantly allows for student choice each day, whilst also catering for the wide range of God-given gifts, abilities and strengths inherent within each child.

Each day, students can choose between one of four activity cores:

  • Active Core – Sport, physical education and motor-skill development program.
  • Adventure Core – Nature play and outdoor exploration program.
  • Creative Core – Visual arts mixed-medium program.
  • Discovery Core – STEM-inspired program, including Lego learning.

Students will have the opportunity each day to engage in two of our Learning Cores and can alter which they choose each day. See our booklet below for a sample Daily Schedule.

Currently at our Gosford academy, we also offer Daybreak Boost, our before school program.

Each morning, the children will be greeted by our quality staff, offered breakfast including freshly blended juices and healthy smoothies and encouraged to participate in healthy morning routines such as daily devotion/reflective time, stretching and exercise programs and morning storytime with one of our two educators.

The Academy will operate in the hours before and following the formal school day and cater for students in Junior and Middle School.

The Academy will also meet the needs of custodial care in the hours after school which is a huge need for families and often met by OSHC programs.

CCS will be available to reduce fees for eligible families.

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