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A milestone moment for our youngest students

Today marked a milestone moment for our youngest students as they embarked on their Kindergarten journey at St Philip's Christian College Gosford. Excitement filled the air as parents accompanied their little ones, ready to start this transformative adventure together. 

The day began with a special surprise as Aaria received a giveaway bag, filled with goodies to make her first day even more memorable. As she entered the school grounds, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation, and it was heartwarming to witness the joy radiating from each child. Gathered together, the lovely Mrs Alissa Botfield and Mrs Angelika De Fraine led a touching prayer, setting a beautiful tone for the day ahead. With a blend of excitement and a hint of shyness, the children quickly bonded, feeling like they had been part of our school family for ages.

At St Philip's Christian College Gosford, we understand that education goes beyond academics; it's about nurturing hearts and building lasting connections. Our classrooms are not just places of learning but sanctuaries where dreams begin to take shape and friendships flourish. As we reflect on this magical first day, we are reminded of the privilege and responsibility we have in shaping young lives and fostering lifelong friendships. Let's continue to pour love and support into this precious heart as she takes her first steps into the wonderful world of learning!