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A Splashing Success : Highlights from Our 2024 Swimming Carnival

Our students demonstrated remarkable perseverance and tenacity

Yesterday, our school community gathered at the Mingara Aquatic Centre for an exhilarating day at our annual Swimming Carnival. The poolside was filled with excitement and determination as our students showcased their swimming skills and sportsmanship.

Amidst the cheers and splashes, our students demonstrated remarkable perseverance and tenacity, embracing challenges with courage and resilience. From the first stroke to the final lap, their dedication to excellence truly embodied our yearly theme of "Tenacity."

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our students, parents, and staff for their incredible support and enthusiasm, contributing to the success of this memorable event.

Stay tuned for the publication of the results, where we'll celebrate the outstanding achievements and unforgettable moments of our Swimming Carnival 2024. Let's continue to embrace the spirit of "Tenacity" in all our endeavours, both in and out of the pool.