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Meet our Head of School

Meet our Head of School

Mrs Lynda Humphries - Head of Junior School

My name is Lynda Humphries and I am so happy to welcome you to our beautiful Junior School at St Philip’s Christian College Gosford. From the spacious and well-appointed classrooms to the beautiful new playground, I have no doubt that you will be surprised by the calm and joyful atmosphere that flows through the Junior School.

Our Junior School is a happy and friendly place where we encourage each and every child to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am privileged to lead an outstanding group of teachers who are not only excellent educators but who place student wellbeing and care as a priority. We are passionate about ensuring that all children are allowed to develop their own strengths and are honoured for their individual gifts. This is a wonderful community where we strive to ensure that all children and families feel like they belong.

With the support of our outstanding Inclusive Education team and differentiated programs, we cater for a wide range of individual needs within our school. We believe strongly in evidence-based change and this underpins not only our decisions around creating outstanding programs but also the way that we structure our timetables to allow each child to make the greatest possible progress in their learning. Our mornings are focused on literacy in all classrooms, followed by numeracy. These sessions are broken up by three active brain breaks throughout the day. History, Geography, Science, Creative Arts and PDHPE are timetabled in the afternoon to maximise student engagement on literacy and numeracy in the earlier part of the day. As part of this research-based practice, we have also implemented a system where homework is spent solely on encouraging reading.

We would love to welcome you to our Junior School and to share with you the joy of being part of the St Philip’s Christian College Gosford community.

Mrs Lynda Humphries
Head of Junior School