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At LEAP Year, our vision is to create a vibrant community of young adults who embrace their God-given potential, pursue excellence and make a positive difference in society. We understand the unique challenges and uncertainties you face as a young adult leaving school, and we're here to bridge that gap by providing tailored pathways and expert mentoring that will see you flourish. We believe in preparing you for every aspect of life, both personally and professionally.

With LEAP Year, you will embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond a typical gap year experience. LEAP Year focuses on your growth and character development. With our comprehensive and diverse pathways, immersive experience and meaningful connections, we aim to cultivate well-rounded individuals who are confident, compassionate and fully-prepared to succeed after school.

The LEAP Year Program Structure

The Formational Core is the heart of the LEAP Year Program for all participants. The Formational Core encompasses four key spheres: Leadership, Experience, Adventure and Purpose. To earn the LEAP Year Award from St Philip's Christian Education Tertiary, participants must complete the Formational Core and one Stream focus area.

The delivery of the Formational Core takes place in person one day per week, fostering interactive and adventure-based learning. The Leadership qualification involves an extension curriculum and is a pivotal component of the program. Participants will leave the LEAP Year program feeling a sense of achievement, a sense of purpose and knowing with confidence the next steps of their journey.

What does a week look like in the LEAP Year Program?

Participants will choose what their week looks. One day will be spent in-person at the St Philip's Central Office working on the Formational Core. The Elective Streams are more flexible and the participant can choose how and where they complete their Elective Stream.

MondayCore delivered at St Philip's Central Office
TuesdayWork/community engagement
WednesdayStream focus
ThursdayWork/community engagement
FridayWork/community engagement or other activities

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