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Young Parent Network of Practice

Young Parents College takes great pride in its involvement with the newly established Young Parents Network of Practice located in the Hunter region. This collaborative initiative aims to create a more accessible and comprehensive support network for young parents, addressing the potential gaps in service provision to ensure that no young parent is left without the assistance they need.

The primary goal of the Young Parents Network is to foster collaboration among service providers, enabling them to enhance their collective knowledge and skills to better support young parents effectively.

This collaborative effort has been carefully crafted by key service organisations dedicated to supporting young parents in the Hunter region, including SPCC Young Parents, Brave Foundation, and NSW Health (known as The Young Parent Network Design Team).

An important member of this group, Brave Foundation, is a distinguished Australian not-for-profit organisation, committed to empowering expecting and parenting young individuals by providing them with essential resources, referrals, and educational opportunities. The Supporting Expecting and Parenting Teens (SEPT) program, offered by Brave Foundation, stands out as a unique and personalised mentoring initiative for expecting and parenting young people.

We are looking forward to watching this network grow and benefit the Young Parents of the Hunter Region.