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Young Parents College

Dual Generational Approach

We offer a dual generational approach to supporting our young parents and their children. As the young parent studies in their classroom, the children are also learning and developing skills in a stimulating and nurturing environment in the Early Learning Centre.

DALE Young Parents has been operating since 2000, initially as a Young Mothers’ Program, designed to meet the need of young mother’s wanting to complete their education while parenting, but found the barriers too challenging to continue.

In 2016, the DALE Young Mothers' Program transitioned to SPCC DALE Young Parents and became a registered and accredited Special Assistance School for young mums and dads. We are now know as Young Parents College.

We have two campuses located in Newcastle and on the Central Coast, providing flexible learning environments. 

Young Parents College was birthed out of a desire to provide quality education and care to both teen parents and their children to ensure a successful schooling and parenting journey for both generations.

Attached to each of our campuses is a fully accredited Early Learning Centre - Narnia. 

Narnia Young Parents exists to provide a supportive partnership for our parents who are studying at the Young Parents College. They understand that as many of our young parents are determined to improve their own circumstances, their motivation is also to provide a loving environment for their little ones and to improve the future prospects for their babies.

Whilst their parents are studying in the classroom, the children are engaged in a stimulating, early learning program. The student classroom is adjacent to Narnia Early Learning, enabling the parents to participate in the daily nurturing of their children. 

We partner with a number of organisations to provide support to our Young Parents. This collaborative model of dual generational, holistic education and parent support, ultimately results in a confident and school-ready child and a confident HSC graduate, with the skills and qualifications to continue on to tertiary education orient a career pathway. 

At Young Parents College it is our aim to ensure that young parents and their children are provided with the best opportunities for success for the Whole of Their Life.

We offer a full HSC program including VET options for students as their children engage in onsite early learning.

Young Parents College is a funded service offering inclusive, high-quality education, in a non-judgemental, safe and supportive environment.

Statement of Aims

  • Supporting pregnant and parenting teens to complete the Higher School Certificate in an engaging learning environment.
  • Supporting the children of teen parents through inclusive quality early learning, partnering with families to build attachment and emotional resilience
  • Supporting culture – closing the gap 
    “Through young eyes, together, we all stand as one to learn and grow”
  • Supporting growth and change through physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing - for the whole of their life

Meet our Young Parents Executive Principal and our Young Parents College Director

Great results, attractive and flexible spaces, up to date technology and best practice based on current academic research are important to us; but more important than that, is unlocking the unique God-given potential in every child to lead a life of passion and purpose in whatever pursuits they choose.