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IGNITE – Year Six Leadership Enrichment Program

Welcome to IGNITE 

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce you to IGNITE, an unparalleled program dedicated to igniting the passion and purpose of our Year Six students, set to launch in 2024. Want to know more? Watch our video featuring insights from Mrs Deborah Diedricks and Mrs Dominique Osborne as they share their heartfelt vision for IGNITE.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of IGNITE, we've provided a more in-depth explanation below.

Core Idea

Our deep hope is that by immersing our students in the teachings and character of Jesus, Year Six students will not only grow in curiosity, resilience, courage, thoughtfulness, and joy but also develop a profound understanding of their unique purpose and the positive impact they can make on the world. Drawing inspiration from Jeremiah 29:11, the aim of this program is for each student to embrace a future filled with hope, compassion, and a commitment to making a meaningful difference in their lives and the lives of others.

A student's calling, vocation, or office is not something which they are preparing for when they leave school. They have been called to an office in the here and now – it's an immediate calling

The Office of the Student, 2019


The IGNITE program is a pioneering initiative designed to enrich the educational experience of students over a 12-month period. It seeks to inspire them to harness their unique abilities for the greater good while embracing values and character traits exemplified by the teachings of Jesus. The program actively fosters qualities such as compassion, humility, and servant leadership, shaping students into purpose-driven leaders. Drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom found in Jeremiah 29:11, this program acknowledges the existence of individual, divinely inspired plans for each student, plans that hold the promise of prosperity, hope, and a brighter future.

In contemporary society, the influence of sporting idols and celebrities on today's youth is undeniable. They have the potential to be both positive and negative role models. While they inspire young people to pursue their aspirations and work diligently to attain success, they can also inadvertently perpetuate undesirable behaviours. In response, the IGNITE program places its focus on the idea that the skills, discipline, and dedication required for success in sports, for instance, can be translated into other areas of life, fostering enduring success and a positive impact.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to recognise that no matter how impressive the accomplishments, records, or skills of sporting celebrities or famous figures may be, they cannot rival the enduring impact of Jesus on the world. Jesus transcends all earthly competitions and titles, serving as the ultimate embodiment of true greatness.

As the Son of God, Jesus wields unparalleled power and authority. His teachings and miracles have left an indelible mark over centuries, and His message of love and redemption continues to resonate with individuals worldwide, offering hope to all of mankind.


IGNITE takes a personalised approach, collaborating with both school and home to nurture students' leadership development. We believe that lifelong success is an ongoing journey, not a static destination. At the heart of our program is the goal to mould students into curious, reflective learners and resilient problem solvers, encouraging them to be brave, responsible leaders who communicate thoughtfully and respectfully. Our program offers opportunities for students to delve deeper into their understanding and application of new learning, encouraging them to investigate the reasons behind building community, reflect on ways to share their gifts, recognise their individual abilities, and broaden their perspectives beyond their own interests and feelings.