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For the Whole of Their Life.

Why St Philip's Christian College Young Parents?

At St Philip's Christian College Young Parents, we endeavour to provide an enriching and liberating educational experience; an education that not only teaches, but transcends the discipline of learning and the acquisition of competencies, to the acquiring of a deep sense of the greatness of life and learning.

Young Parents College was birthed out of a desire to provide quality education and care to both teen parents and their children to ensure a successful schooling and parenting journey for both generations.

At Young Parents College it is our aim to ensure that young parents and their children are provided with the best opportunities for success for the Whole of Their Life.

We offer a full HSC program including VET options for students as their children engage in onsite early learning.

Young Parents College is a funded service offering inclusive, high-quality education, in a non-judgemental, safe and supportive environment.


  • Supporting pregnant and parenting teens to complete the Higher School Certificate in an engaging learning environment.
  • Supporting the children of teen parents through inclusive quality early learning, partnering with families to build attachment and emotional resilience
  • Supporting culture – closing the gap
    “Through young eyes, together, we all stand as one to learn and grow”
  • Supporting growth and change through physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing - for the whole of their life

I enjoy attending Young Parents. It's a welcoming, supportive school where I feel accepted and I would like to complete the rest of my schooling through the program.