For the Whole of Their Life.


Christian Beliefs

It is expected that all applicants would:

  • Be committed Christians, who are practicing members of a local evangelical Christian church;
  • Be committed to the principles of Christian schooling, including being fully supportive of the Mission Statement, Vision Statements and Core Values of the College;
  • Be whole-hearted in their support of providing a child-safe community, and expect that this is pro-actively managed in this community;
  • Be well-organized;
  • Can function well as a member of a team, demonstrating a heart for Christian service, corporate spiritual disciplines (e.g. prayer and Bible reflection), initiative and leadership skills within their area of operation; and
  • Be prepared to contribute to the extra-curricular life of the College, regardless of their normal role within the College.

SPCEF Ltd. is committed to being a child-safe environment. We believe the children and young people entrusted to our care demand our highest respect and honour. Our culture promotes child safety. We have thorough recruitment and induction processes; regular training and in-servicing in Child Protection; and a culture of reporting and disciplining any breaches of the Code of Conduct. All staff must have a current Working with Children Check. The Working with Children Check Application can be found here: Working With Children Check

The Staff Code of Conduct can be found here SPCC DALE & DALE YP - Staff Code of Conduct

Applicants should also demonstrate that they have additional specialised understanding, experience and personal attributes which are specific to the position for which they are applying.

Industrial instruments and agreements that relate to respective positions apply within SPCEF Ltd.