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Meet our Head of Campus

They say you can take the boy out of the bush, but you can’t take the bush out of the boy. I pretty much epitomise that statement.

Billy Creanor

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They say you can take the boy out of the bush, but you can’t take the bush out of the boy. I pretty much epitomise that statement.

Sitting on the well-worn, wooden steps that led to verandah of my grandparents’ home, on the top of a knoll, nestled in the very seat of the meeting place of where the foothills of Barrington Tops bump into Oakenville Creek, I recall my grandfather’s words, most of which cannot be repeated on these pages. However, the essence of those words and their meaning were crystal clear, even to a teenager, “Don’t go farming, Billy! Don’t throw effort after foolishness!” I was shocked, nay stunned, to hear those words come from a man born and bred with dust in his veins. It was also the same year I was found and beckoned by my Lord Jesus to enter relationship with him – 1980! That conversation and the subsequent beginning of the Christian journey directed my path to Armidale College of Advanced Education and more than three decades later, my passion for educating and leading the next generation has not diminished. I know, I thought after ten years I’d be too old and crabby to teach…

My name is William T. Creanor and I am known around these parts as Billy. Married to my treasure (32 years), my wife Dianne and I have raised our wealth – four children, of whom, all are married. We are blessed with a Police Officer, Special Education Teacher, Primary and Mathematics Teacher and the Plumber. They are married to an amazing actress, a pastor in-apprentice, and not one but two physiotherapists! Four grandchildren also bless my life! I know, I look way too young to be a grandfather…

I have had the great pleasure of teaching in the private sector in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. In those years, it has been a privilege to teach Kindergarten through to Year Twelve, teaching in Indigenous Classrooms, teaching students with Special Needs, teaching mainstream students and Outdoor Education. For most of my career, I have also held positions of leadership in one form or another. Who would have thought that a boy from the bush might be used by God in this way?

I have been drawn to St Philip’s Christian College Young Parents – Central Coast, because of its heartbeat. That is, its foundational, philosophical worldview:

… At SPCC Young Parents – Central Coast, we aim to provide an enriching and liberating education; …an education that not only teaches, but transcends the discipline of learning and the acquisition of competencies, to the acquiring of a deep sense of the greatness of life and learning… being introduced to the person of Jesus without condemnation or judgement

Being afforded the opportunity to be Head of Campus of SPCC Young Parents is a blessing! Supporting young parents (Mums AND Dads) to complete their interrupted secondary education is the passion of my staff and I alike. Helping young parents achieve their HSC and other qualifications brings us satisfaction and deep joy!

At Young Parents – Central Coast, we aim to build a community that will equip our young parents AND their children for the whole of their lives. We aspire to change lives and inspire two generations simultaneously (in partnership with our Early Learning Centre – Narnia Young Parents)! We hunger to grow young parents and their families in resilience and enjoyment of learning, so that they become people with passion and purpose. We desire that all our families might ‘…grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge…’ (Ephesians 3) and in doing so, shape the next two generations into people who have strong personal values, stronger purpose and live BIG lives of integrity.

I invite you to consider SPCC Young Parents. We believe in you and your children! We cherish and love those who enter our doors! We support you becoming the best version of you through the vehicle of education. At Young Parents – Central Coast, we welcome you and your children to a community that does life as big as we can!