For the Whole of Their Life.

Meet our Head of Campus

"Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them."

John C. Maxwell

200302 Spcc Dale Yp Wyong 9 1

My name is Wendy Gerakios and it is my joy to welcome you to SPCC DALE Young Parents – Wyong.

Here at SPCC DALE Young Parents – Wyong, we seek to provide our young parents and their children a place of restoration, a new start and a learning environment where students are encouraged to discover their God-given potential and purpose in life. Our young parents are people of resilience, creativity, kindness and great strength. It is a joy to work with them every day and see them thrive.

I was born and raised in the Wyong area. It is a place that is close to my heart. I am married to Stephen and we have four beautiful children and six chickens. I began my teaching degree as a new mum, attending classes during the day, and studying once my son went to bed at night. We spent a semester overseas in a study abroad program in Wales, UK. I surprised myself to receive my degree with first class honours. More importantly, however, I had found a job that I loved!

After several years working in local mainstream high schools, I began working as a teacher at SPCC DALE Young Parents – Wyong in 2015 and it is my privilege to take the role of Head of Campus in 2019. At DALE Young Parents Wyong you will discover gifted and skilled staff who love coming to work every day, beautiful facilities and resources in a supportive environment. We are located in the Young Parents’ Hub and we are blessed by close links with services on site and a thriving Early Learning Centre.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions or would like a tour. There’s a place for you here.

Wendy Gerakios