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Strengthening generations through attachment

Posted 10th May 2022
By Hannah Wellham

Research has shown that a child’s early years, and the attachments formed, have a significant impact on the child throughout their whole life.

According to Sims and Hutchins (2019), children with strong attachments are friendlier and have found these children to have more freedom in their play and in their interactions with others.

They go on to state that attachments which are secure have a direct impact on children’s emotional health and cognitive development as children are more confident to explore their environments.

At Narnia Young Parents we believe that providing quality experiences in early childhood through attachment with both parents and educators has the ability to change children’s outcomes.

How do we support attachment at Narnia Young Parents?

We can strengthen attachment with children by providing a secure and responsive relationship.

We do this by ensuring attentive care, holding and physical contact as well as responding to developing emotions with an understanding and positive response.

At SPCC Young Parents we ensure that this journey is done with educators and parents side-by-side to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual child in our care

In partnership with families, we can work together to strengthen attachments with children an in turn promote a positive outcome which will impact the whole of their life

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