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Empowering Young Parents

Posted 3rd August 2023
By mandy eggins

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Empowering Young Parents

In today's digital age, access to technology has become a fundamental necessity, especially for young people who have just completed their schooling. Equipping recent graduates with laptops plays a pivotal role in opening doors to employment opportunities and fostering continuous education. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and education adopts a more digital approach, ensuring that these young people have access to laptops is paramount to their future success.

Our Young Parents graduates of 2023 are so grateful to the St Philip’s Christian College staff from across all of the campuses who have gifted them MacBook’s as a graduation present.

We have seen firsthand the profound impact it has had on their future prospects. We received encouraging feedback from a student, who received a MacBook last year through other sponsorship, she expressed her gratitude, saying:

‘It was such a surprise to receive the MacBook, I was so happy. The impact has been huge, I couldn’t have afforded to purchase my own laptop and having one has allowed me to continue my studies at home and given me access to the online world. It really was the most beautiful present and made me feel valued.’

Rowanne Jeffries 2022 Graduate

Having access to a laptop allows recent graduates to actively participate in the job application process. By leveraging technology, graduates can submit applications, build professional profiles, and communicate with prospective employers with ease.

Access to laptops not only benefits graduates seeking job opportunities but also those who wish to pursue further education. Traditional classrooms are gradually giving way to online learning. Laptops offer recent graduates the flexibility to take online courses and degree programs, regardless of their location. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for our Young Parents who are also caring for young children and who may have financial or geographical constraints that could impede their pursuit of higher education.

Providing our graduates with laptops is a powerful investment in their future. It paves the way for streamlined job applications, career advancement, and continuous education and equips them for a brighter future.

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