For the Whole of Their Life.

St Philip's Christian Education Foundation

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St Philip's Christian Education Foundation

The St Philip's Christian Education Foundation group of schools leads the way in 'Whole of Life' education. The College spans six schools and caters for students from Early Childhood to Tertiary Learning. We passionately believe in the need for independent schools which develop the whole child - intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually. Our schools maintain high academic and behavioural standards while keeping the truth of the Christian Gospel at its core.

St Philip's Christian Education Foundation seeks to be a leading provider of quality Christian School within our nation, where:
  • Every student develops a personal faith in Jesus Christ and is empowered to live with purpose, integrity and joy
  • Every student achieves their God-given potential and is well equipped to make a significant contribution to society
  • Every student benefits from innovative and effective learning experiences taught by skilled and dedicated teachers
  • Every student enjoys a safe and secure learning environment wherein they feel connected and affirmed
  • Every student contributes to a culture of respect, dignity, care and concern for others
  • Every student has access to excellent learning resources and is taught in the best learning facilities we can provide