St Philips teachingschool 066

For the Whole of Their Life.


A uniquely better way of teacher training

Our Mission

St Philip’s Christian College will continue to provide quality education in a caring, secure and challenging learning environment based on Christian beliefs, values and practice

Our Core Values

Christ First - we want to honour Christ in all things.

Serve One Another - we want to appreciate the unique God-given potential of each person.

Strive For Excellence - we want to aim to do our very best all the time.

Do What Is Right - we want to always behave in a Christian manner.

Build Community - we want everyone to feel they belong.

Be on guard. Remain strong in your faith, Be brave. Be loving in everything that you do.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Through an innovative approach to teacher training, we seek to:

  • Raise visionary, forward-thinking Christian teachers who know how to live out and share their faith in Jesus with authenticity
  • Equip teachers to respond to their God-given calling to shape the next generation of leaders, world changers and influencers for the Kingdom of God
  • Ignite curiosity and inspire a passion for life-long learning to deliver excellence and innovation in education
  • Nurture and unlock the God-given potential of trainee teachers in safe and supportive learning communities

"The Teaching School is a dream that has now become a reality. I believe that the Teaching School is a way forward for teacher education in this country. The immediate on-the-job application of the learnt theory is extremely beneficial for producing successful teachers. Still, beyond this, we are educating teachers in a tertiary setting which is Christ-focused, and this is ground-breaking. The St Philip's Teaching School produces teachers who have had four years of in-classroom teaching experience and teachers educated from a Christian worldview."

Graeme Irwin AM CEO